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What Our Clients Say

They Take Care of Everything for Me

I originally hired them to update my equipment. They bought all that stuff, brought it in and installed it (3 servers, a backup and an exchange server). Then, we sat down and scoped out a (plan). They went through and updated our whole system and they are now on the payroll taking care of our company’s IT work. (Full-services IT.) They take care of everything for me. If I have a problem I call them. Or I get on the computer and get a service tag. They have a service now that I can log in, send them a screen shot of my computer and they log on and fix it. They respond quickly. It’s pretty cool.

Jacques Benoit
Chief Operating Officer, Quick Fuel Technology
Bowling Green

They’re Basically our IT Computer Department

If you’re looking for quality, value, knowledge, responsiveness, and doing what they said they’re going to do – that’s what you’ll get. They’re basically our IT computer department. We get all of our machines and our programs through them. They remotely manage everything – we send them a service ticket and they take care of everything. We pay a (flat fee) and it covers everything whether they do something for 1 hour or 50 hours. We will never leave them.

Don Gerard Jr
President/CEO, Land Shark Shredding
Bowling Green

Problems are Taken Care of Almost Immediately

Last year we received a federal grant to help our library to become a Public Library Workforce Center to help people find jobs and provide computer training. I called Josh for help in ordering the equipment we were to purchase, and after talking with him, we decided to update our networking and wireless system during the installation process.

With Josh working with me on the grant, we were able to participate in a new program called "Managed Services Program." Through this program, they are able to maintain our equipment, networking system, and automation system from their place of business. Problems are taken care of almost immediately.

Jeanie Munsee
Edmonson County Public Library

CoreTech Has a High Concern For My Needs

CoreTech has always been a very professional company, looking out for me, the customer, as much or more so than themselves. (I would recommend them) because of their high concern for the customer and always striving to not only fix things after they have broken, but also being aware of the problems and making the appropriate changes before they happen. To me that means less down time, less down time means I have more opportunity to run my business.

Brian Gunter
Owner, Gunter Construction Roofing, Inc.

CoreTech Takes Care of Our Needs

CoreTech has taken care of our service needs quickly and with a focus of getting us back up and going with as little disruption as possible. CoreTech has also been a great help when we have needed to upgrade equipment. They have shown a lot of knowledge about their field and concern about the cost to us. CoreTech has been and will continue to be the company I recommend to others when they have a need.

Cindy Traughber
Traughber Mechanical Services, Inc

Praise for CoreTech

We have been thoroughly impressed with the service we have received. As happens, there are countless times a year in which we encounter immediate service needs. CoreTech is quick to respond, and correct any problems we experience. We have never had to suffer through more than an hour or two of shut down time. It is important not to lose the capability of servicing our own clients, and our internal networking systems are vital in delivering this service.

Adam Wallis
Operations Manager, Master Clean
Bowling Green

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