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Dark Web Monitoring
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The Dark Web is No Place For Your Company’s Sensitive Data.

The Internet has Layers, One of Which Being the Dark Web.


When you visit the Internet, you are more than likely sticking to the pages that can be accessed by typing an address into your browser, or by clicking on a link in a search result. This is what is known as the surface web, and contains things like:

  • Websites
  • Reference materials
  • Online stores
  • Social media sites
  • Search engines
  • Blogs


You’ve probably also used something called the Deep Web, which is where all those pages that a search engine won’t bring up are kept. This includes online content that a search engine cannot access, but a user can with the right information, like:

  • Online banking
  • Email accounts
  • Paid web services
  • Medical records
  • Restricted pages
  • Internal networks


Even deeper than that is the Dark Web, an anonymous, hidden part of the Internet. Only accessible via specialized browsers, this impersonal expanse is far, far bigger than the Internet you are familiar with. Due to this, it has become a favorite place for criminals to exchange their ill-gotten goods in relative safety… especially data and information they have stolen from breached companies or services online.

Find Out if Your Data Has Been Stolen with a Complimentary Dark Web Scan!

Don’t assume that your business is “too small to be targeted”... cybercriminals know that they can be more successful targeting lots of small businesses than they can targeting one large one.

Where Does the Data on the Dark Web Come From?

As a cybercriminal infiltrates these businesses and services and gains access to their systems, they are able to steal many different kinds of valuable information (like user account credentials, credit card information, and many others) for them to sell to whomever they please. To buy and sell this information, these criminals turn to the anonymity of the Dark Web, which means that your data, your employees’ data, or your business’ data could be on the Dark Web for the taking.

Dark Web Monitoring Helps You Identify that You’ve Been Breached.

When it comes to cybercrime, knowledge is power. That’s why we combine our assets, human intelligence, and artificial intelligence, into a unified effort to track down any instance of your data on the Dark Web with our scanning tools. If one of your users was caught in a breach, they can be identified and the issues mitigated from that point on. Through this service, you can be alerted if any of the information under your care is available on the Dark Web, allowing you to take steps to mitigate their use in further criminal endeavors.

Safe Password Dos and Don'ts A CoreTech Security TipRequest Your Dark Web Scan Today!

Each minute you wait is another minute your data could be leaving you vulnerable. Complete the form for your free Dark Web scan, as well as a complimentary copy of our guide, “Safe Password Do’s and Don’ts,” right now.

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