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There are plenty of cybersecurity issues out there, but do you know which one could potentially cause your business the biggest problems?


Ransomware?Data breaches?Phishing attacks?



Yes, yes, and yes. This is because these cybersecurity issues, and many more, are frequently enabled by a single root cause: your employees. Over half of all data breaches are caused, in some way, by an employee’s actions. This isn’t even necessarily due to your employees not caring about cybersecurity, more often than not, it’s because they assume that a SMB (Small to Medium Business) is just too small to be targeted by a cyberattack - an assumption that is dangerously untrue. So, how do you show them that the cybersecurity risks are only too real, regardless of a potential target’s size?

Where Cybercrime Happens

You may have heard before that most of an iceberg is often invisible from the surface, that the relative threat is much bigger than it looks. Unfortunately, the Internet is the same way.

Chances are, you have only had experience with the surface of the Internet - the relatively safe, visible part. Underneath is the much larger Dark Web. This is where many cybercriminals turn to sell what they have stolen from their victims, putting it up for sale to the highest bidder. There’s a good chance that you’d be amazed by the number of credentials that are for sale on the Dark Web - and even more surprised by how many of them came from your business. This is why you and your employees need a better cybersecurity plan - a plan to keep your business’ data, including personally identifiable information, safe.

We can help you show your employees exactly how dangerous the Dark Web is, and how easy it is to accidentally share data with those that shouldn’t have it. This starts with our Cybersecurity Suite.

Our Cybersecurity Suite


To help show your employees how easy it is to let information slip into the wrong hands, we leverage a variety of tools. These tools can also help to train your employees to become another line of your cybersecurity defenses.

Dark Web Breach Assessments: This tool scans the Dark Web to evaluate how much of your information has been breached and is up for grabs, and evaluate the risks involved. As a result, you have access to proof that employee behaviors are leading to data leakage, which is an effective means of pointing out that behaviors are causing problems.

Phishing Attack Tests: Would your employees fail to identify a phishing attack until it was too late? With our regularly ran phishing attack tests, you can find out! We’ll attempt to phish your employees, letting you know the results and informing them of their mistake.

Email Security Training: Do your employees also know the basic best practices of email security? Not trusting links or attachments that come from an unknown source, and to confirm them when they come from someplace familiar? We can teach them to be a little more focused as they use their email.

Employee Security Newsletter: Let’s be truthful, even the most security-minded employee will forget something at some point or another. Keep security needs at their top-of-mind with a reminder newsletter, refreshing their knowledge of best practices.

Security Risk Assessment: Of course, there are cases where your employees are less responsible for security breaches than your systems themselves are. We can do a full sweep of your systems to sniff out any vulnerabilities that are present, and assist you in resolving them.

Security Policies and Procedures: No company’s handbook is complete without a record of the security standards (and standard operating procedures) of the company. We can help you establish the policies to maximize your resilience against cyberattack, and the procedures to help mitigate


Security Training for Employees


Antivirus and firewalls, while helpful, may not be enough to keep your business and its information secure - especially when human behavior comes into play. Did you know that 95 percent of avoidable security issues are caused in some way by a security error on the part of an employee?

We offer the training your employees need to correct the behaviors that put your business’ security at risk. Whether it’s the importance of protecting personally identifiable information or how to identify potential phishing attempts, our training programs can help put your staff in a much more security-oriented state of mind!

Request a Risk Assessment


Our goal is to protect your business from the ever increasing amount of cyberthreats.Don’t wait until your business is about to close to figure out what went wrong.

It cost you NOTHING to learn EVERYTHING about your cybersecurity needs with CoreTech.

Reach out to us for help shoring up your cybersecurity - before it’s too late.


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