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IT Management for Nonprofit Organizations
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IT Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Take advantage of the same solutions as a for-profit business.

Let’s face it; the limited budget and fiscal requirements of your nonprofit organization often make it difficult to obtain the quality assets necessary for optimal operations. What some nonprofits don’t know is that they have several advantages, specifically in the IT industry, that aren’t being leveraged to their advantage.

CoreTech has had the pleasure of providing quality IT services and solutions to several nonprofit organizations, including churches, schools, and more. We want to use our expertise to help your nonprofit organization make the most of its technology infrastructure.

Special Pricing Exclusive for Nonprofit Organizations

We’ll work around your limited budget.

You, as a nonprofit organization, know better than anyone else how difficult it can be to maintain operations with a limited budget. It’s difficult to maintain that budget while adhering to specific fiscal requirements and regulations. Just like any other business, you could accomplish so much more with the latest technology solutions.

CoreTech has a knack for IT management, especially for those on a limited budget. We can help you manage your expenses so you can easily integrate solutions on par with for-profit organizations. We also offer training sessions to help your team adjust to the change in your organization’s IT environment, so they can make the most out of it.

Take Advantage of Nonprofit Discounts

Your favored resources at a lower cost.

As IT professionals experienced in the nonprofit sector of business, CoreTech is knowledgeable about software solutions provided by various retailers, like Adobe, Microsoft and more, that are specifically offered to nonprofit organizations.

CoreTech can also provide software and hardware solutions at a reduced rate. This helps your nonprofit organization take advantage of the latest technology at a reduced cost, which provides a unique return on investment that other businesses can only hope to achieve.

Reap the Benefits of Association Memberships

Plan for conferences and conventions easily.

As a nonprofit organization, you have plenty of opportunities to go to association conferences. You might have even considered hosting your own conventions in order to increase your following. In order to get the most out of these special events, you must approach them in a concise, focused manner.

CoreTech can make the preparation stage much easier with technology solutions designed to help you promote your cause. We’ll help you leverage your new assets to impress the nonprofit community at a conference, or help you host your own convention.

Start Profiting from Quality IT Solutions and Support

Don’t waste valuable assets any longer.

You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities and benefits that your organization can gain from being nonprofit. For more information on how CoreTech can assist with the development of your nonprofit organization’s IT infrastructure and professional development, give us a call at (270) 282-4926.

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