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CoreTech has been serving the Bowling Green area since 2006, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Using AI to Dress Yourself Up for a Professional Selfie

Using AI to Dress Yourself Up for a Professional Selfie

While AI is far from perfect, I always love discovering ways that it can help do something mundane and speed up a workflow here or there. I’m no expert in Photoshop either, so if I need to edit something, I usually depend on someone with a little more experience, but this was a really neat trick I was able to do in just a few minutes!

Using Adobe Photoshop’s Generative AI to Swap Out Your Outfit

Let’s say you took staff photos, but one particular board member was a little more casual than everyone else, and you want the photos to match on your website. As long as you are working with a nice, high quality image, Adobe’s Generative AI feature can let you do some pretty amazing things.

Here’s the image we’re starting with.

All we need to do is use the Lasso Tool to select the portion of the image we want to change - notice below how I didn’t even spend a lot of time getting it perfect. We’re just telling Photoshop approximately what area in our photo we want to adjust.

Now, for our prompt, we’re going to tell Photoshop that we want a “professional, modern business suit and tie.”

This might take a few attempts to get the prompt right. Each time Adobe does this, it gives us three examples, but sometimes the results can look a little funky. Be patient, and refine what you ask for when you don’t get the results you want.

And after a few seconds, we get a really nice suit in place of the wrinkled dress shirt.

So how did Adobe do this? Adobe has a stockpile of hundreds of millions of royalty free images. They license them out on Adobe Stock for businesses to use for their marketing. Adobe’s AI scours through this massive stock photo library and pulls bits and pieces from images they already own to generate what you ask for. This is arguably a lot more ethical than other image generating AI software that pulls from anyone else’s work on the Internet—that’s just stealing.

According to Adobe, after Adobe’s Generative AI options are out of beta, this is going to cost Adobe Stock credits, so the photographers and artists who submit work to Adobe still get paid for their work, the same way they would if you licensed out one of their images.

It’s impressive how well this worked. I’m sure a professional graphic designer or photographer might be able to look at this with a magnifying glass and point out all kinds of little flaws, but for what we needed, this did the trick and everyone was very happy!

There are lots of ways modern technology can help your business. If you’d like to set up a discussion with our technology experts to find out how you can get more done in a day, give CoreTech a call at (270) 282-4926.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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